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Of vulnerability and attraction.

It is interesting to see the effect of vulnerability on oneself. No, I don’t mean it is interesting to observe oneself being vulnerable, but observing one’s reaction to another person’s vulnerable state is very interesting indeed. Facing and interacting with someone who has opened up completely and left themselves vulnerable is a feeling hard to describe, I think your actions and behaviour in such moments define you as a person.  Why is it that such vulnerability is so attractive?

Even more interesting things happen when you know that the other person’s vulnerability is caused by an interaction between the two of you, but that despite you opening yourself up just as much you are not quite as vulnerable; The possible consequences for your actions differ completely. Should one try to protect the other person in their vulnerable state by closing oneself again and adding distance? Should one introduce oneself ever more into the other persons life and situation and lend strength? Simply put, should one attempt to help knowing that it could go very wrong, or distance oneself, causing temporary pain, but knowing that the potential of fuck-up is minimized? What is selfish in this situation?

How should you react when in the other persons eyes you see that you might be a mistake that they just made? Because mistake or not is all up to you.

Nils Lofgren – Wonderland <- This is beautiful.


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